future residents

We are currently looking for two new ‘permanent’ residents. If you might be interested in joining us please read the following.

The work of the nuns that started this project and lived here for thirty years was informed by what they called the four pillars and we continue to work within our own secular interpretation of them : providing refuge or sanctuary to people in crisis, care for the planet, social justice and spirituality.

1. So we are looking for people that are able to balance their work/study/relationships with living communally and being available and present in this place.

2. It is often peaceful here but If you are primarily looking for a place to rest this is not the place for you. Being a resident here involves work. We need a commitment of at least one full day a week on average. This can comprise an equivalent number of hours on different days.

3. We all have different diets and eating habits. One person is a strict vegan, others are flexitarians, vegetarians, or committed carnivores. Some people eat only organic food, others eat whatever they find in a dumpster or what they are given at de voedselbank.

4. None of us belong to any religion but if you are offended by statues of religious figures you will have a problem because we live in an old monastery.

5. We don’t have space or time for cats or dogs.

If you think/feel this could be the place for you, please use this form.