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We are a small diverse international community in part of an old monastery built in 1883 in the city of Eindhoven not far from the Belgian border which also houses several other organisations working with refugees, young people in crisis and homeless people.

The monastery was handed over by the Sisters of Love in 2008 to an independent foundation which looks after the building and its maintenance. All of the organisations including De Hoogstraatgemeenschap rent space from the foundation and together we constitute Het Kloosterhof van Gestel.

De Hoogstraatgemeenschap remains committed to the four focus areas of the nuns who lived and worked here for the best part of three decades : the planet, justice, spirituality and providing safe spaces for people in crisis.

We are a registered religious organisation but we interpret ‘religious’ in the broadest possible way, more in the sense of connecting and creating spaces for connections. None of us practise or belong to a particular religion and at least one of us is atheist agnostic atheist.

We live a short walk from the city centre but also close to nature, the beautiful Genneper Park and a little further afield, de Strabrechtse Heide.

We range in age from 25-65 and we are LGBQT+ friendly. We also have refugees live with us for a time through our sister organisation Vluchtelingen in de Knel.

We currently looking for two new ‘permanent’ residents. if you might be interested in joining us please see the future residents page.


Hoogstraat 301a
5654 NB Eindhoven

We use for email. Our adress there is dehoogstraatgemeenschap@ 🙂


Tel: 040.2525609

IBAN: NL64 TRIO 0379 6650 34